Pussy Riots all Girl band

Pussy Riots

This is the band at the root of the controversy in Russia. A country where women have very little freedom, and there is very little freedom of speech. So the band is doomed from the start.  The plight of these poor girls really hits home to me. I think back to the day when American and British all girl bands started to be come popular.  No one said they could not play in public, no one censored their every move.  These girls as the most courage examples we have of the fight for woman’s rights today.  We should applaud them.  At the very least would should support them the way they are in other countries.

Look how conservatively dressed this band is compared to the bands in America



International day of the girl today 10/12/12

Today is the international day of the girl. “A date on the annual calendar set aside to advocate for girls’ rights and raise issues of gender bias.”  There is a fabulous site where you can to hear and see different quotes women send to their daughters.  It is really terrific. It is titled, ‘To my 15-year-old self’: Things I wish I’d known.”  It is on CNN on line. There are maybe 20 women celebrities who leave messages to girls in their hearts, Oprah, Maria Shriver, quite a few influential woman of our time.

It’s a must visit/see site. I cannot get a picture to print but every one should go to this site.


Real life example of girl vs woman

This is a real life of an example of a 14 year old girl that is a woman. Malala Yousafzai is a freedom fighter for woman and girls education among other freedoms in Pakistan. She was nominated for the International Children’s Peace Prize for her efforts and was shot by the Taliban on Monday for those same efforts to obtain the right of woman and girls to receive an education. Here is a young girl putting her life on the line for something we in America, yes even women and girls, more or less take for granted, education and freedom. We complain and rightly so that we are not treated as equals to the male population in America, but we are so far better off than women in other countries.


We have been discussing what defines a woman vs a girl. Well this child, a young girl only 14 years old, has done something not many woman would dare to do, I don’t think especially here in America. Granted we do not have to go to that extreme, putting our lives on the line to go to school, but how many of us would do just that? Malala fits the description many of us have defined as a girl who has achieved womanhood, maturity; she is achieving a goal, she knows what she wants, she has defined her career, fighting for what she believes in womans and girls rights. Granted she cannot meet one of the qualifications we have discussed, she does not have a college degree or even high school but I would say she has exceeded our definition of a woman vs a girl and is in the woman column.



“Sister Wives” on TLC

I have been dying to expound my opinion on this reality show on TLC sister Wives.  My opinion is from my own completely feminist view point.  I really feel this show tells women and girls, who needs a full time husband?  This guy is really a sperm donor. I cannot believe these women would want the fact that they do not need a man/husband full time broadcast on national TV.  He rotates from one to the other, spending every fourth night with one wife.  How perfect is that by the time you are just getting a little lonely, wanting a little nooky, he shows up, great. He only leaves one set of dirty underwear on your bedroom floor every four days, in a week you only have to pick it up once maybe twice on a bad week.  You can clean the toilet and not have to worry about random sprays or him forgetting the seat up but again once a week. This is showing how little one needs a man around the house, that is phenomenal, we do all the work anyway and they broadcast this fact. How sweet. The wives all help each other out, every thing is taken care of sans husband.


Second Part “Half the Sky”

I just wanted to make a follow up post on this show. It was in two part, and I watched the second part the next night. It featured America Ferrera, Diane Lane and two other stars. This segment was the same intense look at the lives of women and girls in ‘third world’ countries.  The overriding burning desire in these women’s and girl’s lives, aside from not being raped, not spending the rest of their lives as prostitutes and  getting enough food to eat, etc those basics we do not think twice about, is their burning desire to getting an education.  One young girl fifteen if I recall or younger, rode her bike 17 miles one way, one way, each day just to go to school.  Can any of us imagine what this sacrifice a burning desire to get an education would be like?  We just complain about a tuition increase.   One young girl again about fourteen, must sell lottery tickets daily, eighty of them a day, before her father will let her go to school. So she eeks out a few hours in the afternoon to go to school. And the worst/best part about this is she has to pay for the schooling from any overage she sells of those lottery tickets.  All, All of the women and girls in the rest of the world, maybe only third world countries, but they all must pay for school, but the catch is most cannot earn any money.  They are totally dependent on the goodness?? of the male members in their family to pay for the tuition. The overriding theme, as we all know, is get an education, it is the road to empowerment for all women. I know male jaws drop when I tell a man I am going to school.  


Half the Sky

Posted on October 2, 2012

I just watched the show, Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide on PBS.  It was phenomenal  a must see for all women and in fact all people.  It is a perfect exam

Half the Sky

I just watched the show, Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide on PBS.  It was phenomenal  a must see for all women and in fact all people.  It is a perfect example of the good media can serve.  We have discussed so much of the bad influence the media has on the world as far as the cause for equality of women, this show is an example of the good the media can provide. The show also shows again tomorrow night at 9 pm on your local PBS channel. I cannot recommend it strongly enough.  Please watch, it may change your life.

Half the Sky – Girls Rape

When it started they were talking about rape of young girls in Sierra Leone and I have to admit I wanted to turn it off.  I am chicken to watch any shows about this subject; I think I can put my head in the sand, ignoring the problem and it will not effect me.  Well as I watched I became enthralled  rapt with amazement of the problem. yeah stars are involved, this segment featured Eva Mendes.   But you see them in a different light believe me and they see the world in a different light themselves. The next segment was on sex trafficking in Cambodia, with Meg Ryan. The final segment which hit so close to home for me was on education of women in Viet Nam and had Gabrielle Union as the star.  There was commentary mixed in from many women in the public eye, one of which was Hillary Clinton.  She stated, “the role and rights of women and girls is the unfinished business of the 21st century.”   Upcoming stories some of which will be in India.

Girl in India

I have always stated we will overcome when our female population is more than men, but we cannot wait till that happens.  We cannot sit on our laurels and wait for the years and lives to pass.  Someone, one of the commentators stated this same sentiment.