Half the Sky

I just watched the show, Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide on PBS.  It was phenomenal  a must see for all women and in fact all people.  It is a perfect example of the good media can serve.  We have discussed so much of the bad influence the media has on the world as far as the cause for equality of women, this show is an example of the good the media can provide. The show also shows again tomorrow night at 9 pm on your local PBS channel. I cannot recommend it strongly enough.  Please watch, it may change your life.

Half the Sky – Girls Rape

When it started they were talking about rape of young girls in Sierra Leone and I have to admit I wanted to turn it off.  I am chicken to watch any shows about this subject; I think I can put my head in the sand, ignoring the problem and it will not effect me.  Well as I watched I became enthralled  rapt with amazement of the problem. yeah stars are involved, this segment featured Eva Mendes.   But you see them in a different light believe me and they see the world in a different light themselves. The next segment was on sex trafficking in Cambodia, with Meg Ryan. The final segment which hit so close to home for me was on education of women in Viet Nam and had Gabrielle Union as the star.  There was commentary mixed in from many women in the public eye, one of which was Hillary Clinton.  She stated, “the role and rights of women and girls is the unfinished business of the 21st century.”   Upcoming stories some of which will be in India.

Girl in India

I have always stated we will overcome when our female population is more than men, but we cannot wait till that happens.  We cannot sit on our laurels and wait for the years and lives to pass.  Someone, one of the commentators stated this same sentiment.


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