Second Part “Half the Sky”

I just wanted to make a follow up post on this show. It was in two part, and I watched the second part the next night. It featured America Ferrera, Diane Lane and two other stars. This segment was the same intense look at the lives of women and girls in ‘third world’ countries.  The overriding burning desire in these women’s and girl’s lives, aside from not being raped, not spending the rest of their lives as prostitutes and  getting enough food to eat, etc those basics we do not think twice about, is their burning desire to getting an education.  One young girl fifteen if I recall or younger, rode her bike 17 miles one way, one way, each day just to go to school.  Can any of us imagine what this sacrifice a burning desire to get an education would be like?  We just complain about a tuition increase.   One young girl again about fourteen, must sell lottery tickets daily, eighty of them a day, before her father will let her go to school. So she eeks out a few hours in the afternoon to go to school. And the worst/best part about this is she has to pay for the schooling from any overage she sells of those lottery tickets.  All, All of the women and girls in the rest of the world, maybe only third world countries, but they all must pay for school, but the catch is most cannot earn any money.  They are totally dependent on the goodness?? of the male members in their family to pay for the tuition. The overriding theme, as we all know, is get an education, it is the road to empowerment for all women. I know male jaws drop when I tell a man I am going to school.  


Half the Sky

Posted on October 2, 2012

I just watched the show, Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide on PBS.  It was phenomenal  a must see for all women and in fact all people.  It is a perfect exam


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