“Sister Wives” on TLC

I have been dying to expound my opinion on this reality show on TLC sister Wives.  My opinion is from my own completely feminist view point.  I really feel this show tells women and girls, who needs a full time husband?  This guy is really a sperm donor. I cannot believe these women would want the fact that they do not need a man/husband full time broadcast on national TV.  He rotates from one to the other, spending every fourth night with one wife.  How perfect is that by the time you are just getting a little lonely, wanting a little nooky, he shows up, great. He only leaves one set of dirty underwear on your bedroom floor every four days, in a week you only have to pick it up once maybe twice on a bad week.  You can clean the toilet and not have to worry about random sprays or him forgetting the seat up but again once a week. This is showing how little one needs a man around the house, that is phenomenal, we do all the work anyway and they broadcast this fact. How sweet. The wives all help each other out, every thing is taken care of sans husband.



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