Real life example of girl vs woman

This is a real life of an example of a 14 year old girl that is a woman. Malala Yousafzai is a freedom fighter for woman and girls education among other freedoms in Pakistan. She was nominated for the International Children’s Peace Prize for her efforts and was shot by the Taliban on Monday for those same efforts to obtain the right of woman and girls to receive an education. Here is a young girl putting her life on the line for something we in America, yes even women and girls, more or less take for granted, education and freedom. We complain and rightly so that we are not treated as equals to the male population in America, but we are so far better off than women in other countries.


We have been discussing what defines a woman vs a girl. Well this child, a young girl only 14 years old, has done something not many woman would dare to do, I don’t think especially here in America. Granted we do not have to go to that extreme, putting our lives on the line to go to school, but how many of us would do just that? Malala fits the description many of us have defined as a girl who has achieved womanhood, maturity; she is achieving a goal, she knows what she wants, she has defined her career, fighting for what she believes in womans and girls rights. Granted she cannot meet one of the qualifications we have discussed, she does not have a college degree or even high school but I would say she has exceeded our definition of a woman vs a girl and is in the woman column.



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