SuperWomen airbrushed

This is a good article on the womens site.
“Feminist Gave Rise to Superwoman in Advertizing” by Jennifer Nelson


This is a very good article directly related to our discussion on airbrushing the images we all see in those check stand magazines. It also relates to our discussion of Wonder Woman. The marking on the woman’s shoulder is juxtaposition to a picture of an airbrush face.

While we women made great strides in the 1960’s and early 1970’s to get our point across, it seems things as we have discussed are back sliding into the past.

What really gets me is the use of women in all sorts of degrading ads for aging.  Are women the only ones who want or as the ad proposes need a face life?  Are we the only ones who should want to look younger and why would we want to  do that, to please a man? Notice the advertising on TV, all of the defects and diseases are portrayed by women. Women apparently are the only ones who get herpes and need Abreva. Surely we don’t get that from men, since only women need to take care of it.

Can you think of any other ads targeted directly toward women that are unisex in nature?


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