Hillary Clinton and Malala

Hillary Clinton is in the World News today on NBCnews.com today speaking out for women’s rights around the world especially the fact that women are considered lower than men. 


She recalls how the fact that she was a government representative, the United States of America Secretary of state “allowed” her, a woman, to be received by other heads of countries who would normally not allow a woman to be present in their meetings. She stated she felt the crush of, “what it was like to be a female official visiting male-dominated countries” (Clinton). She knows only too well from first hand experience and stated, there would be “many sacrifices and losses” before daughters were “valued as sons” across the world (Clinton). How lucky we are here in America most of our battles have been won would you not agree? We can go to school, we can obtain government offices we just have to go for it!

Clinton is optimistic, stating, “We are on the right side of history in this struggle.” she acknowledges the sacrifices girls like Malala Yousufzai, the Pakistani schoolgirl shot for speaking up for women and girls attending school. Clinton likens her to her own daughter, a person who “strongly believes in the right of every person, male and female, to have the opportunity to live up to his or her … potential.” And the only way we are going to achieve that is through equal treatment in all walks of life. Douglas echoes this sentiment and this all gives us hope for the future. 




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